* At this moment,I miss you so much...
* I wrote these code, before May 20.
* As a short love letter I give you.

Boy i = new Boy("Silly");
Girl u = new Girl("Nan");
// Aug 2012, I told you I love you.
// Unfortunately, you didn't accepted.
// Maybe it was not the right time,
but I firmly believe that I met the right one.

// I couldn't help missing you
// After a lot of twists and turns,
October 27, 2012, finally, we got together.
It is an important decision.

for (time=27/10/2012; true; time++)
MyHeart instanceof U;
// Although there is 1300 km between us, my heart is always with you.
seeU.isGreatPleasure = true;
// I will be with you till the end.
we.beSeparate = false;

I Love You baby.
Nan, We have been together
Love u forever and ever.
- ur silly